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Grape Hyacinth Questions and Answers

In this article, I’m going to be talking about the Grape Hyacinth, also known as Muscari armeniacum.

I’ve seen and uploaded loads of pictures to our Facebook page this spring and had many questions asked about this particular Hyacinth.

So, below I will be answering some commonly asked questions about the Grape Hyacinth along with some pictures I’ve taken in the spring.

Actually, before I go into answering some questions I will first explain how to identify this flower so you know what a grape hyacinth looks like.

In the early spring, floppy long green leaves will emerge from the ground followed by clusters of small, blue, bell shaped flowers upside down, just like a cluster of grapes! Hence the name, Grape hyacinth.

You’ll see in the following picture.

picture of a grape hyacinth

Now you’re clear on what they look like, I will crack on with some questions!

Are grape hyacinths poisonous?

These aren’t considered to be toxic. Of course, like most things if consumed in a large amount may cause mild discomfort. Just be normal and don’t eat them.

When to plant grape hyacinth bulbs?

Like most spring bloomers, you should aim to plant the bulbs anywhere from September to November. Make sure the bulbs you have are firm not soft.

grape hyacinth image


When do grape hyacinths flower?

If you’ve planted the bulbs anywhere from or between September or November as mentioned above, you should expect these to flower March to May. March in my case this year (2024).

Can you plant grape hyacinth in the spring?

As far as planting bulbs go, I would just wait until the dates above. If you plant a bulb in the spring, it won’t bloom this year anyway. Wait until September.

Is the grape hyacinth invasive?

If left, grape hyacinths multiply. These hyacinths can spread underground via bulb offsets, or self seed above ground.

If you don’t want your hyacinths to spread, keep an eye on well established clumps. You can deadhead these to prevent them dropping seeds if you desire.

If you’re worried about them taking over your garden, dig them up, discard them or plant the bulbs in pots.

I don’t really advocate using weed killers but if they are really doing your head in, you can try that.

grape hyacinth picture

How deep should you plant grape hyacinth bulbs?

As a gardener, I tend to plant bulbs 3 times as deep as they are tall; you’re looking about 10cm deep for these.

When you plant the bulbs, make sure the narrow part of the bulb is facing the upwards.

What do grape hyacinth bulbs look like?


what do grape hyacinth bulbs look like

Other plants that look like the grape hyacinth

If you like the look of this spring flower, then I recommend also planting bluebells. They are one of the last spring flowers to bloom so once the hyacinths have died down, the bluebells should still be going strong.

bluebell vs hyacinth


If you have any more questions you would like to know, please just send me a message!