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Topbuxus Xentari is a powerful yet safe insecticide, designed to control the damage that Box Caterpillars are currently causing on box hedges across the UK.

As the number one best Box Caterpillar solution in the UK, Topbuxus Xentari is a tried and tested insecticide and the first thing you should reach for in the management of a healthy Box plant.

The Box Caterpillar Problem

The UK loves Box plants and hedges, known formally as Buxus Sempervirens. Box plants commonly used as hedging and are typically clipped into neat, geometrical shapes.

Healthy Buxus balls

Healthy Buxus balls.

Some people even take up box plant art as a hobby, learning to create impressive shapes and designs out of the plant.

The reason the Box plant is so popular for this purpose is down to its sturdiness, supported by a dense framework of branches which allow it to hold its shape, even in bad weather.

This, paired with its lush green foliage which stays glossy almost all year round, makes the Box plant an ideal choice for hedging or as decorative plants.

However, in recent years, the nation’s favourite hedging plant has been under attack, struggling to thrive in its usual way and failing to serve its general purpose as either a protective hedge or a neat, formal plant.

After much speculation on the cause of the famed box plant’s devastating demise, the culprit has been identified, and it’s none other than the hungry caterpillar; we should have listened to the meaning behind the children’s story after all.

But the villain in this story is no ordinary caterpillar.

Our culprit is the aptly named ‘Box Caterpillar’; it doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to determine what this creepy crawler’s nibble of choice would be.

Of all the members of the pest family, caterpillars are perhaps seen as one of the less evil varieties. They are non-threatening to human safety, sweet, squishy, and colourful in appearance, and to many people considered fascinating in their ability to transform and morph into beautiful butterflies.

However, don’t be fooled by their innocent appearance. The Box Caterpillar is a real nuisance and has been responsible for the large-scale destruction and deterioration of the Box plant since 2011.

And, to make matters worse, the Box Caterpillar’s tirade does not end once it’s reached its full maturity as a caterpillar and morphed into its next and final form.

Once matured, the moth will lay eggs on the underside of the leaves of a Box plant, further exacerbating the Box Caterpillar problem.

box hedge disease caterpillar

Knot garden affected by box caterpillar.

How to Spot Box Caterpillar Damage

It’s easy to identify Box Caterpillar damage on your Box plant.

Simply look for the tell-tale web which the Box Caterpillar covers the plant in, reminiscent of a spider’s web.

Another key sign of Box Caterpillar damage is the gradual browning of the once luscious foliage. Leaves will go brown and dry, eventually falling off and dying – a sore sight for a plant which is renowned for its neat appearance.

box tree caterpillar damage pre xentari

Box tree caterpillar damage

The Box Caterpillar Solution

Thankfully, there are a number of controls that can be taken to prevent and even reverse Box Caterpillar damage.

It’s a good idea to start looking for Box Caterpillar damage from the beginning of spring and onwards, in order to stop the problem before the caterpillar eggs have the chance to hatch and spread.

The most natural solution to preventing Box Caterpillar damage is removing the caterpillars by hand and pruning the affected areas of the Box plant (any areas where you can spot Box Caterpillar webs, eggs, or browning to the foliage).

However, whilst natural solutions like this one can be successful in some cases, measures of this kind often aren’t enough to put a complete end to the Box Caterpillar problem.

This is where the powerful insecticide Xentari comes in handy. Of course, there are other treatments available.

What is Xentari?

topbuxus xentari where to buy

Xentari insecticide is a biological insecticide which relies on a natural, yet potent strain of the Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies called Aizawai.

I know what you’re thinking; I don’t care for the scientific jargon; I just want to know whether or not it works.

Well, you will be happy to hear that Xentari insecticide is highly effective at protecting box plants from damage, and could perhaps be the key to controlling the Box Caterpillar problem which is currently plaguing our nation’s hedges.

How to Use Topbuxus Xentari

It’s incredibly easy to use Topbuxus Xentari.

Simply take one tablet of Topbuxus and mix it with one litre of tap water.

Wait ten minutes for the solution to dissolve, give it a quick stir and pour the one litre mix into a spray bottle of choice.

It is advised that one litre of solution should cover just over ten metres of Box plant.

Next, spray the solution all over your box plant, making sure to also spray into the centre of the plant in order to achieve the best results.

It’s important to remember to spray your box plant again one week after the plant’s initial treatment, and then subsequently once every six weeks for the remainder of the growing season.

This will ensure the best results and prevent any re-emergence of the Box Caterpillar infestation.

How to Apply Xentari

Can You Use Xentari When it Rains?

Wondering when to use Xentari?

The success rate of Xentari Topbuxus on treating a Box Caterpillar infested Box plant is extremely dependant on the time of year in which you are treating the plant, in addition to the weather conditions at the time of treatment.

For the best results, you should refrain from using Xentari Topbuxus during wet weather, as the solution is likely to be diluted by the rainwater coating the Box plant’s leaves.

However, don’t rush out to your garden to use the solution at the sight of any kind of sunshine! You also need to be careful when applying Topbuxus Xentari in hot weather with direct and unwavering sunlight, as this can damage your Box plant’s leaves, which somewhat defeats the purpose of trying to protect them using Topbuxus Xentari.

Instead, try to use Topbuxus in mild and dry weather, and stick to using it in the early morning or evening on particularly hot and sunny days, just to be on the safe side.

How Long Does Xentari Last?

Providing you stick to these guidelines and use Topbuxus Xentari in the way it was designed to be used, the results can be extremely long-lasting and effective.

However, it’s suggested that in addition to following up on the initial treatment with a second treatment the week after, you should also treat your Box plant with Topbuxus Xentari another four or five times throughout the growing season (from March to October) in order to maintain your Box plant’s health.

How Often to Use Xentari?

As a general rule of thumb, you should use Tobuxus Xentari at the beginning of each growing season, checking for signs of Box Caterpillar damage each time early April comes around.

Checking your Box plant this early will position you one step ahead of the game, treating the problem before it has a chance to develop further.

From this initial check, it’s advised to then treat your Box plant with Topbuxus Xentari a further four or five times from March to October.

Whilst this may seem like a lot, it’s a necessary protective measure. Even one Box Caterpillar Moth could be the beginning of a new outbreak, responsible for laying thousands of eggs and causing mass destruction to your beloved Box plant.

When to Spray Xentari?

If you’re wondering when to apply Xentari, first check that you’re actually in the growing season, which runs from March to October. If you’re outside of this time frame then you’re wasting your time on applying the solution. If you are inside the March to October growing season then it is advised to spray Xentari in mild and dry weather, in order to avoid too much direct sunlight which could damage your Box tree leaves, or wet weather which could dilute the solution.

Is Xentari Safe?

A huge number of households in the United Kingdom have one or more pets, many of which enjoy garden to play in and of course go to the toilet in.

For this reason, it is of extreme importance than any insecticide or pesticide that you choose to use in your garden is 100% safe for animals – and humans too!

You wouldn’t want your child to go rummaging around in the bushes and come back covered in a potentially dangerous or harmful chemical – it’s hardly worth thinking about.

Topbuxus Xentari is 100% safe for humans, animals, bees, and even the birds that feast on caterpillars.

This means that you can rest assured that you are only treating the problem at its direct source and not causing any undesired damage to any other insects, animals, or humans!

Is Xentari Safe for Dogs?

Xentari Topbuxus is 100% safe for dogs, cats, elephants, giraffes…any type of animal that you can think of! The same goes for humans, plants, and insects, so you can rest assured that by using Xentari Topbuxus, you are only targeting Box Caterpillars and nothing else.

Does Xentari Work?

As an insecticide, Xentari is extremely effective. However, it’s Topbuxus Xentari which has been proven to be particularly effective in treating Box plants infected by Box Caterpillars and preventing further Box Caterpillar outbreaks.

It is also important to note that Topbuxus Xentari can be even more effective when combined with the Topbuxus Health Mix.

How Does Xentari Work?

Xentari Tobuxus works by using a natural strain of a particular microorganism which is proven to kill caterpillars but do no harm to other animals, insects, and plants.

The spores within this natural microorganism cause blood poisoning within the affected caterpillars, killing them and therefore protecting your Box plant from further Box Caterpillar damage.

Where Can I Buy Xentari?

With so many options on the internet, and not enough time to sort through and identify the good products from the bad products – or worse, the fake products – it can be hard to know where to buy Topbuxus Xentari.

The safest and most reliable place to buy Topbuxus Xentari is on the Topbuxus website itself, following this link. That way you know you are buying the best Xentari on the market, through the official seller’s website – win, win.

How to Order Tobuxus Xentari?

Simply follow this link to order Topbuxus Xentari  . Here, you can decide on how many orders of Tobuxus Xentari you wish you make and choose the delivery option that works for you. It’s safe, easy, and the most direct way to receive the best anti Box caterpillar product on the market!

Box Caterpillars and Box Moths are nasty pests that cause widespread and occasionally irreversible damage on Box plants across the country.

It’s a problem which has spread with almost uncontrollable speed, damaging the appearance of Box plants across the country and ruining the natural habitat that these Box hedges can provide for a variety of British wildlife.

It’s a sad story of destruction, but one which finally has a happy ending in sight, with the production of the Topbuxus Xentari.

By regularly using this solution throughout the growing season, you can eradicate your Box Caterpillar infestation, protecting your Box plant for the remainder of the season.

Another way to get rid of caterpillars is using washing up liquid, you can read more on that here.

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